Fighting Corruption Head On is the Way

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There is rampant corruption in India which is a much broadcasted topic of the day but if one has determination one can work against this corrupt system.  One has to decide whether the desire to go along and follow the corrupt practices or face troubles and go against the corrupt system. Since I decided to fight corruption I was prepared for any harassment, delays and trauma created by delays. I will share an example.

During Anna Hazare’s agitation in Delhi I presented my Book to Annaji and his supporters like Mrs.Kiran Bedi and Mr.Arvind Kejriwal and informed  Annaji that it is easy to  tell not to give bribe but to suffer by not giving bribes is a herculean task and my book is a truthful record of this . Unfortunately none of these crusaders  even favored me by a simple acknowledgement of my Book ‘Sorry Not For Sale ‘ gifted to them . So, even the anti-corruption proponents have their priorities mixed with other things, which now we can see more clearly after Shri Arvind has become the CM.


Coming back to the fight with corruption, I always believed in tackling the problem directly. To give you an example, once we had an issue with the electricity department and they slyly demanded bribe. Not openly, but employing their usual tricks of delaying and creating hurdles. For us every day lost was a direct revenue loss, so one could argue that it was better to pay bribe and save the revenue and treat the ‘bribe’as a cost incurred. I had different ideas. I went directly to the chief engineer and straightaway asked him what’s your ‘rate’? He was embarrassed baffled beyond imagination and right away instructed his juniors to look into the matter. Before I could return back the factory the job was done. In less than an hour.

So, the choice is yours!