Review Done at Bookshippo by Esha

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Book Review:Sorry, Not For Sale….A woman’s undaunted journey!


“Sorry, Not For Sale is an autobiography of Urmila Bhargava, ‘the only woman entrepreneur in the world engaged in the business of re-refining waste lubricating oil’. While this in itself is a great feat, what is all the more fascinating is that she did this 4 decades back, in the 1970s when women were mostly confined to the traditional role of a homemaker.

It is an awe inspiring story indeed. For all those who complain about the system and how they have no other choice but to give into it, it is a must read. For all those battling odds and are at the verge of giving up, it is a must read. For all those who wonder ‘What can I do alone?’ it is a must read.  For all those with myriad views [often myopic] on feminism, it is a must read.”

Please read the entire review here at Esha Chakraborty’s blog BooksHippo