The word democracy and freedom of speech is the most abused word in the present time.

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It is very disappointing that we the people of our great country are still ignoring the most basic issues affecting the basic needs of the common man but indulging in senseless non issues of religion,caste and fighting over our glorious past going to the extent of distorting history.the urgent need ,if we want progress, is to weed out fanaticism.

Sometime back I had written about that fanatics are the most harmful people and they only destroy. I think they should be treated like weeds and should be uprooted regularly if you want to maintain the beauty of the grass. In our country we either ignore or justify ugly incidents, regressive ideas and wrong ideologies till they become too big to manage. In one day the Dera and other aweful gurus and criminals were not created. Regressive actions in the name of religion and Sanskar is allowed unchecked. We have allowed our rivers to be destroyed by the parasite hyacinth’ growth and pollution; allowed economy destruction by unscrupulous big business and corruption . Wake up India and uproot the weeds from the society otherwise they will destroy all the good from the society.

The media tries to avoid the most important issues and daily debates discussing non issues as if the entire population is bothered about such irrelevant things like one VIP brat beating an individual or the topic of an ordinary film like padmavati being given days for escalating unrest in the states. The people from unknown regressive groups had a field day abusing and threating individuals freely on prime time television for days. The media provided cheap publicity to fanatic groups which resulted in ugly incidents in a number of states. The word democracy and freedom of speech is the most abused word in the present time.important issues like providing equal opportunity to all for education, health, jobs ,security to women have taken a back seat. For increasing profits and popularity only sensational news is covered and reporting rapes and abuse of children is given preference over news of children dying in hospitals or or people suffering due to bad infrastructure, lack of basic things like food and water. We should just be happy about talking of our glorious past and forget the miserable conditions existing that seems the to be message to the public .